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3 PC Stocks To Invest In During The Pullback

Key Points
The personal computer industry has experienced a period of contraction, creating opportunities for investors to find attractive buys in lesser-known companies.
As the industry faces potential slowdowns, there may be opportunities for dip-buying.
Here are three PC stocks to consider during the pullback:
1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE): With a significant portion of revenue coming from the ‘Intelligent Edge’ segment, which has seen 56% growth, Hewlett Packard Enterprise presents a compelling investment opportunity. The ‘Computing’ side of the business has contracted by 3%, but the stock offers value with a lower forward P/E compared to the industry average.
2. HP (NYSE: HPQ): Despite analyst ratings pointing to a downside, HP is a company that primarily sells personal computers and accessories. As demand picks up, sentiment is likely to change, and investors can acquire the stock at discounted prices.
3. International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM): Although not as exposed to the PC market, IBM has been affected by computing and software trends. With software revenue increasing and infrastructure revenue declining, the company is expected to report a slowdown in quarterly earnings. This presents an opportunity for investors to buy the stock at a better price, taking advantage of its value.
Investors should analyze the respective companies’ charts and consider purchase levels at key support points. By timing the pullback and acquiring these stocks at discounted prices, investors can potentially outperform the market.

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